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Paris Shopping Trip


Stunning Results

'A great weekend in Paris with Marie & Anne. The walking tour with Anne was a wonderful introduction to some of the history of Paris, and it was great to get a Parisian's perspective on some of the most beautiful parts of Paris. 

The shopping experience with Marie was invaluable. We would never have discovered the hidden gems that Marie brought us to, if not for an insider's knowledge! For that reason we got to experience a different side to Paris, and a part less trodden by tourists! Marie was very adaptable to how we wanted to spend the day, and with a quick briefing on personal style prior to the trip, Marie knew exactly the shops to take us to. A wonderful weekend!'

Clara & Jen

When I wanted to revamp my wardrobe in Spring 2022, turning to Marie was a no-brainer, her style always looks amazing and she offers genuine advice and opinion. Marie provided practical advice on styling and purchasing clothes, shoes and accessories. She started out by helping me to visualise the kind of style to go for, by creating style boards and vision boards for me. We discussed the different styles and for the first time I was able to visualise what I wanted my style to be - I wanted a more mature, timeless, and work appropriate look. Marie provided extensive support in creating this look, offering opinions and guidance on which pieces to buy, and avoiding any unnecessary impulse (sale!) purchases, focussing instead on long-term investments and sustainability. Marie was clear on the need for clothing purchases to be practical and easily integrated with the rest of my wardrobe, to ensure the need for fewer clothes, better quality and more versatility. Marie provided advice as to which pieces are worth splashing out on, and where to save some pennies. Marie has changed the way I view my wardrobe, I used to find it very difficult to create an outfit, often resorting back to the same ones time and time again, as it was frustrating to put them together with the wide variety, styles and colours that I had. My wardrobe has now become a source of joy for me (finally!), when I open it up I can style nearly anything together and look and feel great - it has been a huge boost to my confidence. I have much fewer clothes now so I can actually see what I have, but more options for different outfits. I now have a wardrobe where I love every piece, and can wear year after year. I would wholeheartedly recommend Marie to anyone looking for advice on their style. Thank you, Marie!

Wardrobe detox

Sorcha, Dublin

Wardrobe detox

Caitriona, 61, Dublin

After working with Marie for a week, I now have a fresh wardrobe and so many outfit options, ready to go be worn  in my wardrobe. We haven't even gone shopping yet! 

I was stuck in a rut of leggings and a top and Marie has brought my wardrobe back to life! I feel 10 years younger and 10 lbs slimmer in the looks Marie has styled for me.  

She also gave me loads of advice for organising my wardrobe and taking care of my clothes properly.

Autumn Masterclass Reviews

Loved it! Marie provided really useful and practical advice about trends and styling for all budgets. She also shared really good tips about buying quality and caring for the garments. Would recommend

That was great! I learned about a lot of new brands and feel really reassured about how to go about dressing like myself. Brilliant take on how to gently lean into some trends to suit your lifestyle. Looking at my wardrobe completely differently now.

I learned so much about fabrics and how to shop for quality pieces. Great tips based on real life experience, I found Marie to be very personable during the class. 

Joanne, 40, Belfast

Kate, 32, Co. Clare

Justyna, 34, Dublin

Testimonials: Testimonials

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