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Things I am loving this Autumn

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Old and new, here are my favourite things this Autumn.

Having recently moved from Dublin to Paris, I have noticed some small changes in my habits. I was never a big fan of the leggings look but I have noticed a difference in the mum’s style when dropping off my daughter to school. Very few wear casual leggings but even the ones who do manage to do it with so much style, it really is very inspiring. The look is never about full on sportswear which makes it work.

But the main difference between Paris and Dublin is that I have been able to actually enjoy Autumn without feeling like I dived straight into my winter wardrobe. The weather can be cold but the sun shines more and there it is less windy which makes it much easier to dress in woollen jackets and coats.

Arket Beanie

I adore this hat, it is bright red and 100% wool, I have had it for two years. It has a special meaning to me because my husband brought it back from a business trip to London and it is a present I very much cherish.

I love that it brightens my face and any outfit, I think a bright hat in the middle of winter is a great way to add a little pop of colour.

This hat is very good quality, it is so warm and something I want to keep forever, since having it I have not bought another hat.

Black cape

This cape was a Christmas present in 2015, I wore it a little to go to the office back in the day but always kept it for dressier occasions, pairing it often with dresses and boots. I also used to wear it with a scarf and I just felt the shape made me look a little like a mushroom.

I have started to wear it again, and am delighted that the weather here allows me to wear my cape without a scarf which makes it look less bulky and blankety. I felt I used to look a little like Peig Sayers when wearing it in Ireland, which was an issue.

I am now styling it with wide leg jeans and boots and it looks much more in proportion and more lean. The cape itself is a credit to the beautiful craft we can expect from Avoca, with a beautiful cashmere and wool blend. Beautiful piece really last the test of time.

Vanessa Wu sneakers

These are a new purchase. I bought them 50% off at the braderie (the big end of season sale) at the mountain resort where I holiday. I did not know the brand but loved their flash design, thinking they would be a great way to wear a more elevated sneaker, especially when paired with a dress or skirt.

Vanessa Wu is a very popular French brand, I am noticing the sneakers quite frequently in Paris. The sole of the shoes is extremely comfortable, I have often walked 20 000 steps in a day in them and come home like I have been in my slippers all day. They have very smart cushioning.

Wide Leg Black Trousers

When I was small, my mum used to tell me to wear corduroy trousers in the winter because they are warmer. I used to hate those trousers, I wanted much cooler jeans every day.

So, much to my surprise, I found myself trying on black corduroy wide leg trousers from Uniqlo, they are perfectly cut and I have been wearing them with either sneakers or ankle boots, they look very smart with a blazer and a silk shirt for the evening. I like the thick cord, I wouldn’t like a thinner rib.

And, yes, my mum did laugh when she saw me in them.

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