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The Key trends for Autumn / Winter 2022 (Part 2)

With Autumn now firmly set and the temperatures dropping, I thought it was a good time to start showing you the key trends of Autumn Winter 22. This is a follow on from my previous post, and will cover trends for the cooler weather, now that we might be more in the mood for it.

Sweater Weather

This season, the sweater is taking centre stage. Think colourful, luxurious, soft cashmeres or more chunky, statement pieces.

This is to be paired very simply with your favourite jeans and boots for a cosy feel. To dress it up, a neutral or for the more daring, a contrasting colour wide leg or palazzo pant.

It will also shine with a leather skirt and a tweed jacket.

Sustainable tip : The humble Aran sweater is very much part of this trend and can easily be purchased second hand. Also check out tourist shops for pieces made in Ireland, that are good quality and for prices that might surprise you.

Shearling jacket

The shearling jacket has never really left the wardrobe of the cool girls who have adopted over the years, it's no wonder it is in the Acne Studio collection every winter. Once you have tried it, you will not be able to let go and it will become a lifelong wardrobe staple. It is so easy to style as it is very versatile and a statement piece in itself. It will go wonderfully well with jeans but also mix well with skirts and dresses, this beauty does not need to be relegated to your weekend wardrobe. Now, the question is, will you pick one in black or natural camel?

Sustainable tip : This is a brilliant piece to purchase second hand.

Bomber jacket

I have always been a big fan of the bomber jacket, I feel like designers have been trying to bring it back for a few seasons but now it is really having a moment. It looks cooler than your puffa coat at the weekend with leggings and adds a little edge to your outfits. Pick one with a little fur collar for a more wintery look. It will go really well with a printed midi dress or skirt as it will make the outfit a little more interesting. Pair with cool trainers of rock'n'roll ankle boots or cowboy boots.

Sustainable tip : Definitely a piece to pick up second hand at a curated vintage store. Look in the mens section too in a small size.

All leather look

Leather has never really left our wardrobes in the last few years but this season sees it infiltrate even more categories with dresses, shirts and wide leg trousers.

This look is great with a mix of textures, like soft wools or suede to break the all leather look and make it softer.

Sustainable tip : Be careful of vegan leather, often just a greenwashing term for "a by-product of fossil fuel"

The new fake fur

Bold and beautiful fake fur was always going to make its way with techniques really evolving since most fashion houses have now pledged not to use real fur.

These are now really soft to the touch, silky and lavish instead of the cheap textures we were served a few years ago.

Pair with a dress to wear to a dressy event but this will also look great paired with leather leggings or cropped black flares and boots.

Sustainable tip : New brands are doing their best to bring you more sustainable options for fake fur.

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