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Updated: Aug 11, 2022

This season the trends are varied, and there will be something for everyone's taste. I have captured more Autumn trends for this post and will cover Winter later. I will write a follow up post on examples of those trends and how to style them in real life. As a personal stylist, based in Dublin, I know how to make sure the trends slot into real life and not the opposite.

I am not suggesting you need to rush out to buy a lot of new pieces to follow trends, I don't believe trends are there to be followed but I like the inspiration, and a breath of fresh air into my style. I can get inspiration from runway shows, movies or someone in the street. You probably already have pieces in your own wardrobe that you can use, imagination and creativity are key, fashion is fun, it doesn't have to be frivolous but it is definitely fun.

1. The White Tank Top

Remember that plain white tank top that has always lived in your wardrobe? No? In that case you should! This is a piece I have many of, my personal favourite and the one in this trend is the traditional ribbed white cotton, it needs to be good enough quality that it is thick enough not to be too transparent. Designers have shown it with very different pieces. I personally think it goes very well with denim, tucked in for a decidedly relaxed look. I think it can also look great with a silk knee length skirt. For a chic look, pair with a black skirt like Sacai.

2. The 2000's schoolgirl

Y2K has been a big trend for the past year, many designers have looked at the school girl look (an Autumn classic) through a 2000s lens. Schools in France don't have uniforms so I pretty much spent my last 2 years of school dressed like that. Think mini pleated skirts, cropped jumper and knee high socks the look is very preppy.

3. Back to black

There was a lot of black on the runway, using various textures, fabrications and styles, but the overarching theme was that black was a big trend for Autumn Winter 2022/23. Black can be the chicest colour but it can also look so drab. Make sure it looks fresh and not totally worn out. The key with black is to not go too cheap, cheap black can look very sad very quickly.

4. Jumping into corseted gowns

The suffragettes and Coco Chanel would be gasping at the thought that the modern women of 2022 are willingly going into corseted gowns but designers have made a convincing proposition this season with enchanting pieces that are evocative of a more feminine silhouettes, with the waist tucked in and a romantic skirt.

5. The bold & loud suit

Colourful tailoring was already a strong trend of summer 22 but it is continuing into Autumn Winter, this will be a great way to lift an outfit during the winter and it will be welcome to have a pop of colour in a winter look.

Strong shoulders on blazers are a key trend and there are already some evidence of this on the shop floors.

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