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Updated: Aug 11, 2022

In the summer, the last thing you want is to have to go through complicated outfit changes. When you go on holidays, you don't want to have to pack your entire wardrobe. Follow my simple advice to go from day to night easily, in a chic, fun look and carry on enjoying the summer. As a personal stylist, based in Dublin, I can help you make sense of your wardrobe and style outfits that make sense and bring you joy and confidence.

A Statement jacket is the best way to go from day to night easily as it can really lift up your simple basics and keep you warm on the chillier nights.

The key to being able to pull off this easily transition is to find the right basics. Good quality items, that fit you well, that you want to wear everyday and that make you feel good about yourself.

I personally love Gap tank tops, this style is ribbed, I own them in black, grey and white and have been wearing them for years.

The shorts are the boyfriend cut from Marks & Spencer, I have been looking for the right white shorts for years and this season, M&S is offering a great style. the denim is thick and feels long lasting.

I am a huge fan of the Bash belts, the details on this one really makes the outfit a little stronger.

Those sandals are from Next and they are sold every year, I got my pair in 2018, these are in rosegold, in leather and have a padded sole for added comfort.

The incredible statement jacket is Sandro from Vestiaire Collective, bought second hand but new with tags, a great way to get this jacket more than half price, in a circular way and in this case it was brand new.

This is a slightly dressier version of the same concept.

The tank top is still Gap, several years old.

The skirt is MGSM, brand new with tags from Vestiaire Collective, I have been purchasing most of the new things I own from Vestiaire Collective. Most of it was never worn and got to me with tags, brand new.

The slip on mules with the bow are from UGG, the bow means they are slightly dressier and can be taken from day to night easily. However, they are very comfortable and feel like trainers.

The Cotelac bomber is so fun with the silver stripes, my mum gave it to me as she was no longer wearing it.

Whenever you are clearing out your closet, it is always important to think about pieces you might want to hand down to friends and family as they might get a great use out of things you no longer want.

Overall, you just need to have the right pieces that you enjoy enough to take from day to night with confidence. When going on holidays, there is no need to overpack or pack pieces that are especially for the evenings (unless you are going for a special event). Bear in mind too that in Europe, the vibe is generally more relaxed in the evenings, especially in the summer.

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