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Fashion tip : The Three Word rule

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

As far as fashion rules go, if you know me at all, you will know that I believe less is more. I don't like advising my clients with rules because I find most of those rules are completely outdated, or don't really fit a modern lifestyle.

However, there is a fashion rule that I love, which has been devised by Tibis founder, Amy Smilovic.

She advises on having three words that you want your style and outfit to convey. The words may change depending on the occasion, but it will help you adjust.

I like looking at muses, but also recently read about a fashion aficionado who thinks about people whose style she does not want to match. This really got me thinking about the words I don't want associated with me. I think girly would definitely have to be one, trying to dress like a girl as a woman gives me the ick. That is not to say I don't enjoy a flowy printed dress, but you will never see me in a pink one, with delicate ecru pumps and glossy, perfect hair. I will be more likely to rock a bandana blue or green dress, with a suede biker jacket and converse.

Anti icons, I can think of one, she may be the ultimate icon for many, and is incredibly elegant but far too put together for my taste : Kate Middleton. If I feel a dress makes me look too Kate Middleton, I will not buy it. I just know I will feel like I am playing dressup if an outfit makes me think of her.

On the other hand, I adore a more rock n roll chic vibe, Isabel Marant is my forever queen, if anything makes me think of her collections, current and past, you can be sure I will buy. My biggest compliment is if I tell someone their outfit is very Marant.

My three words change depending on the occasion but I would say rocknroll, a very Parisian endeavour, Cool, I like a relaxe Cali vibe, meaning I heavily lean into denim. My last word would depend, I think utilitarian on casual days, I enjoy a utilitarian pieces. Cowboy boots from Zara? Never, mine come from Ariat, a cowboy brand, the other reviews for the pair I bought related to how well they lasted in a stables environment. Ballet flats you say? They need to come from a real ballet brand, I will only stop short at wearing my ballet pumps as they would tear. I go full on, I don't like half done style.

For an occasion or an event, I force myself to look put together, but because my other two words are rocknroll and cool, it never looks that put together. I like looking stylish but I never want to look too polished, I know I am not at risk of any of that because I do my hair myself...

Are you looking for your true style? Out of maternity leave? Starting a new job? I can help with styling advice.


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