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My favourite TV show is Sex and The City, and most of the appeal for me, from the start, was the fashion. Patricia Field is a very gifted stylist and she has made the idea of mixing designer and vintage pieces together to the mainstream.

I spent my teenage years trying to emulate Carrie's outfit, seeing such amazing style really allowed me to be creative with my style. I was very lucky to go to school in Paris where there was no uniform and anything went in terms of style.

I wanted to look for good summer pieces in Zara, the colours and styles in the store were so 90's, very similar to the Sex and The City style, daring, bold and colourful.

I really feel like fashion is having a revenge now and we all just want to have fun with our style.

In terms of what I have selected, some of the pieces in store felt quite cheap so even though the prints were amazing, the fabric felt like it would keep you very hot and would not last the test of time. That was such a shame because there were some Pucci inspired shirts which were very Samantha and could be fun to wear in the summer.

This outfit is very fun, perfect for an event or a night out. I love a deep fuschia with green, I find it really pops and it is very flattering on most skin tones and fun.

Those trousers were a great cut, the only issue is they were quite long. I would consider taking them to a tailor. I felt this is a piece I would keep wearing enough to justify for the added cost.

The fabric was lovely and flowy, it felt like something you could easily be wearing in the summer heat.

That top was part of the Special Edition, it feels and looks about 5 times more expensive than it is. Many designers are doing tops in that colour with similar dramatic embellishment. This is a very special piece, and it could be worn with cool flared jeans or a nice white short to be slightly dressed down.

Those shoes are a fun Jimmy Choo dupe, they felt quite comfortable and the detail on the heel shape makes them look a little more special.

This is really a look that lifts you up, you won't get unnoticed in this combo.

Those trousers work so well with black, I tried on this little cropped top that I found to be very flattering. Full disclosure, I have not worn a crop top in about 18 years but this one made me want to try again. It has quite a grown up quality about it which means it will go well with tailored pieces, which I find to be the best day to style cropped tops over 30.

I was drawn to this Prada dupe, the fact that the piece of bow is shorter than on the Prada counterpart makes it a more practical option.

I did a very Milanese look with that loud printed shirt paired with the skirt and heels. This is actually perfect for a night out with friends, a night time outfit on a hen party or a weekend away.

With the Zara collection top, the look is elevated and looks more glam, this is a little more editorial but looks very strong.


This fun Tshirt dress is very reminiscentof the classic grey T shirt dress Carrie wears in season 3. I feel like she would definitely embrace the bright orange and the Flamenco sleeves.

Of course, we can't talk about Sex and The City fashion without mentioning the "naked dress". I thought this was a pretty close runner up, it is longer than the original but features a very sexy slit and a low neckline. This dress was really nice on and felt perfect for a holiday as it is made of Linen.

I love those 70's printed trousers, they look great with the white crop top and feel like something Carrie would wear on a Saturday morning walk around Manhattan with her friends.

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